What I Was

I tore through What I Was by Meg Rosoff yesterday. I really loved it. a 7 from me. I loved the cover, loved the dreamy quality, loved the main character H. I loved Finn and his strange little shack by the sea. Honestly, this book is one i want to reread in a few months. H is sixteen and has just come in to his 3rd boarding school. On a jog with his PE class he meets Finn, a boy his age who lived in a hut along the sea. They begin a weird sort of friendship. I really feel like i can't say too much without giving things away and you really really need to not be spoiled!

Other opinions: Nymeth's, whose fault it is that i picked up the book to begin with, and Big A little a's.

I haven't read anything else by Rosoff but since her other's are YA i may have to get a few later for that challenge. If you liked this one, you may like Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. It has another young male narrator in England, takes place in the early 80's, and is a coming of age type story. Also, with the twisty relationship between H and Finn it reminded me of Let the Right One In. So i've managed to connect it to vampires too. :)


  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'll have to look for the David Mitchell book. And you've just given me one more reason to read Let the Right One In!


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