3 More Fables

I seem to read these in sets! Fables Vol 5: The Mean Seasons by Bill Willingham is a quieter, more intricate set of stories than March of the Wooden Soldiers. The first story is about Cinderella, who we find out is Prince Charming's third wife. She gives a great breakdown as to why she still has a right to be bitter! The next story is about Bigby Wolf and an adventure he had working for the Allies in World War II. Since I love Band of Brother and i've been watching some old war movies recently (in preparation for Inglourious Basterds) i loved that one! Lastly, Snow White has her children! a fair few actually, including an extra special one. They all go to live on the Farm while Bigby goes into exile. Prince Charming, Beauty and her Beast take over leadership in Fabletown and find out they seriously under-appreciated their predecessors. a 6.

Fables Volume 6: Homelands covers Jack's Hollywood trip, where he sets up his plans for his own immortality. Taking place over several years, that part was ok. Boy Blue's trip back to the Homelands is fantastic. He's invincible due to his magical objects, crafty and brilliant. He's a great hero and i want to read more of him! We also discover who the Adversary is and what his plans were, how he went from a regular Fable into a crazy dictator bent on conquest. In Fabletown, Beast finds a spy in the mayor's office. We also meet perpetual tourist Mowgli (gorgeous man!) who works for Fabletown as well. Charming gives him a mission: find Bigby Wolf. A 7! also, Mark Buckingham's art is great.

Fables Volume 7: Arabian Nights (and Days) begins with Charming and Co. overwhelmed with work. The Prince is even loosing out on some beauty sleep by camping out in his office! When Sinbad and his Arabian Entourage show up, because the Adversary is creeping into thier world now, the complications rachet up. Frau Totenkinder is wicked! In the Homelands, we learn that there are no favors. a 6.


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