The Dead and the Gone

I finished up The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer late last night. another post-apocalypse novel, YA. That seems to be my new favorite genre!

Alex is a junior, a typical NYC overachiever. He has an older brother, Carlos, who is in the Marines, and two younger sisters, Briana, who he gets along with well, and Julie, who he thinks is a bit bratty. His mother is a surgical tech at a hospital and his father is a super of the building they live in.

When Alex's father leaves town to attend a funeral, and Alex's mother is on her way to her hospital shift, an asteroid strikes the moon and knocks it closer to earth. There is flooding and mass death. Tsunamis and tidal waves damage the coast. Food shortages begin very quickly. When neither of Alex's parents returns, he must grow up fast to care for his two sisters.

I liked Alex. He was really believable. He gets angry at his family, frustrated, upset with himself over what he does (which isn't bad i feel). He shares with his sisters less than he should in an attempt to protect them. He does make a lot of smart decisions as well. I enjoyed seeing Julie's transformation as well. I give this one a 5 and am going to pick up the companion novel Life as We Knew It.

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ok, it's another book that about a thousand people have read! I'm late again!


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