Fables and Athiesm!

I finished up 2 books today. Though i spent several hours at the hospital yesterday instead of going to work (i'm fine, R had issues) i didn't do any reading there. I mainly played solitaire and tetris on my G1.

Today i finished Fables Volume 8: Wolves by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckhingham and Shawn McManus. First we have a story about Mowgli, as he was directed to by Prince Charming, searching for Bigby in Russia. After talking to all the human residents, he has to talk to the wolves which leads to some action. After Mowgli finds him in the Alaskan wilderness, Bigby returns to Fabletown to do one more job for the city, in exchange for a patch of land near the Farm for he and Snow to raise their children. The last job involves threatening the Adversary himself! We also get a bit about what Cinderella has been up to. Cindy's really growing on me! I give this one a 6.

Before work i read the last dozen pages of The Little Book of Atheist Sprituality by Andre Comte-Sponville. This was a birthday gift last year from R, so i am using it for the "Free" category in the 9409 challenge. I give this one a 7. The author, a French philosopher, looks at what churchs and religion give people, besides the belief in God parts. He argues that things like connection to others, community building, and fidelity to humanity are an important part of the human experience that we atheists can't ignore. Comte-Sponville uses many examples from Eastern religions to describe the mystical, meditative experience which he feels is universal. i really liked this one and it made much more sense than the previous one i had read on spirituality.

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  1. Glad to know that you are feeling better.

    Thanks for telling us about this FREE book. It's great to have you as a participant in 9 for '09 Challenge.


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