How I Live Now

I finished up How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff last night and have decided i loved it! a 7. It snuck up on me. I read a few chapters Monday then a few the next day. Somewhere though Daisy's voice just clicked with me and i just got into it. I had read about 2/3 of the book by Thursday night and every time i woke up during the night i kept thinking about it. That's a good sign!

Daisy is an anorexic American 15-year-old sent to live with her British aunt and cousins because her stepmother wants her out of the house. Her new British family lives in a beautiful, bucolic countryside. The aunt has some kind of international job so essentially leaves the kids with the run of the house. Osbert is the oldest at about 17, then Edmund and Isaac are twins and 14, then Piper the youngest at 9. We never find out about their father or exactly what the aunt does. After just a few weeks the aunt has to go to Europe and while she is gone a war starts. England is cut off from mainland Europe. For a while the kids are just kids playing and hanging out as the war only means they don't get the regular foods they are used to. In the midst of the stresses and strangeness, Daisy and Edmond fall in love.

The way it is written is weird, first person run on sentences for each paragraph. with random capitalization. I believe that is the reason it took me a bit to get into the book. Here's the rest of my review written in that style.

I couldn't believe how intense the book got as you get deeper and deeper into the story things just keep happening and i got so worried about the characters i did something i Never Do and skipped to The End just to see how it turned out before going back and reading the rest and i don't want to give anything away but it is a great book, though it does have to do with War and Death and Growing Up it does have an encouraging ending.

kinda breathless feeling huh?

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  1. It's interesting how experimental Young Adult fiction has become. You don't see many "adult" writers doing things like that.

  2. The only other book that comes to mind with a weird sort of style is The Road. the characters are named "the Man" and "the Boy" and there are not quotation marks and such.


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