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Need more books to read? here Mental Floss lists some reeeeeeealy looooooooooong series'.

The Eternal Moonwalk Michael Jackson Tribute....It is kinda laggy today.


Also, umm, it's my birthday. 33 years ago exactly i was 6 lb 14 oz 6 hour old bundle of joy for my parents, especially my mom who no longer had to be suffering through the Texas summer 9 months pregnant. We were snoozing in the army hospital air conditioning...aaah.

Here's some cards i've received. I've already had 2 giant pieces of cake at work last night and my friend D is making her fantabulous oreo cheesecake for me! w00t!


  1. Happy birthday to you, Melanie :)

    Found your blog from NaBloPoMo blogroll :D

    Have a happy special day ;)


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