Just In Case

The first several hours at work last night were quite slow. I read Just In Case by Meg Rosoff as nothing else to do. Not that i didn't enjoy the book! I did. It's one that is going to stick to me.

David is 15 when his year old brother almost jumps out the window trying to fly. David looks up to catch him in time and everyone is fine. Or should be. David suddenly realizes all the awful things that could happen to him or anyone every second of every day. He feels that Fate is actively trying to get him. So he tries to hide. He changes his name to Justin, begins dressing differently with the help of Agnes, a photographer he meets. He creates an imaginary greyhound he names Boy. Other people can see Boy though. Justin gets deeper and deeper into crises, personal and public, as he begins to grow up and face adult choices.

It is a dreamy sort of novel. In a weird way it reminded me of an X-Files episode, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. The Bruckman character became obsessed with all the tiny little things that put people into the situation where they die. Justin resembled that character in a way. It is a weird thing to think about, the series of events that leads you to places in your life. My own example: if i hadn't been afraid of my ex-fiancee waaaaay back in 1999 i wouldn't have moved to Tennessee. If i hadn't moved to Tenn then i wouldn't have been roommates with my friend D. If i hadn't been D's roommate i never would have made a deal with her that i would answer a personal ad if she posted one. If she hadn't posted one, she never would have met K. If she hadn't met K, she would have been in town the last weekend of April in 2000. If she was in town, i wouldn't have been on the computer that night. If i hadn't been on the computer that night i wouldn't have started talking to R. If i never met R then i wouldn't have spent 7 years with him and spent the last 2 miserable and depressed and alone. weird stuff.

a 6, and one more for the YA challenge!

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