More Zombies

So why are zombies "in" right now? I personally think it may be due to the polarization of everything now. any group can portray their foes as mindless, crowd-following ghouls, hungry to destroy everything you value. The rich can see the poor this way, Democrats can see Republicans like this (and vice versa of course), environmentalists can see anti-global warming pundits this way, everyone can portray terrorists like this. You're anti-immigrant? Those Latinos are just climbing those fences, desperate to take your job. You're atheist? Those mindless Evangelicals are shredding the separation of church and state to make you ONE OF THEM!

I finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I give it a 4. Not great but not bad. I guess i just felt that the story could have been done, and has been done, without the zombies. Make Mary a Jewish girl in Europe in the late 1930's and the zombies the Nazis. Still works. Make Mary a black slave in the south in the 1840's and the zombies southern slave hunters, still works. I wish it had a little more resolution and a bit more of the "why" behind the events. I'll read this writer again as she did a wonderful job of creepy atmosphere.

One thing i did like was a little detail. It's become harder for people to have children...genetics rears it's ugly head!

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ok, there are like 100 more. so go to the Book Blogs Search Engine and type in "forest hands teeth" and see what ya get!


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