"Waiting On" Wednesday: The Bride's Farewell

So since I'm trying to fill up the month of July with posts i spent a few minutes on A Novel Challenge this morning looking for events for the various days. That site is wonderful for we obsessive-compulsive book bloggers! I decided to do "Waiting On" Wednesday, hosted by Breaking the Spine. The idea is to highlight a book you're waiting to be released.

Since Meg Rosoff is my new favorite author (seriously, she's got a 6.6 average rating from me!) i picked her new book, out on August 6th.

Amazon says "In Meg Rosoff’s fourth novel, a young woman in 1850s rural England runs away from home on horseback the day she’s to marry her childhood sweetheart. Pell is from a poor preacher’s family and she’s watched her mother suffer for years under the burden of caring for an ever-increasing number of children. Pell yearns to escape the inevitable repetition of such a life.

She understands horses better than people and sets off for Salisbury Fair, where horse trading takes place, in the hope of finding work and buying herself some time. But as she rides farther away from home, Pell’s feelings for her parents, her siblings, and her fiancĂ© surprise her with their strength and alter the course of her travels. And her journey leads her to find love where she least expects it."

Very very different from Rosoff's previous books in that it is set in the past. It's another adult novel but sounds as if it could be a crossover. I can't put it on request at the library yet but i will as soon as it pops up, personal challenge be damned!


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