Weekly Geeks 26

This week's topic is another movie one.

so i had to think about this for a few days. Part of the question is what makes a good adaptation? Is it just being faithful to the original source? Is it just a good movie that has a basis in a book? What about updated versions of old stories? What happens when the movie is better than the book?

One that is tops for me in the "faithful" category is The Shawshank Redemption, based on the novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. It has an advantage; by being based on a novella it can pack almost everything from the story into the movie. Very little gets lost. Another good one is The Secret Garden. I loved that story during my school years and the movie captures the feeling and atmosphere of the book. Another great movie pretty close to the book (as far as i can remember) is The Color Purple.

In the second category of just being "based on the book" I'd say I, Robot and I am Legend work. Both are fun action movies with only a loose premise to connect them to the source material. In fact, I, Robot really stretches the story from the book so much it almost needs a different title.

In the third category O Brother, Where Art Thou is a great film. Based on The Odyssey, it is completely it's own story while being parallel to the original piece.

In the last category a favorite is Fight Club. The book is good, i did enjoy it. The movie is just mind bending and cool and i think it works a little better. I also liked the ending to the movie more than the book. Another I liked is Trainspotting. I saw the movie before reading the book and loved the whole trippy look of it. I couldn't finish the book though. It was too difficult to read the accents and about 2/3 of the way through i decided i just didn't care about the characters enough to continue.

Need some help remembering? Here's a great site that lists a bunch of movies made from books from 1980 onward.


  1. I likw how you divided the subjecz into 4 diffrent categories and came up with examples for each of them. Great idea. I never read King's novella, but I loved the The Shawshank redemption.

  2. Snap! I said Fight Club as well - mainly for the ending of the movie that I think works better with the story.
    Happy Weekly Geeks!

  3. O Brother Where Art Thou! oh yes, I love this one.

  4. Anonymous21/7/09 14:21

    I cannot tell a lie. I did my post after yours and included Shawshank in my list also. Thanks for reminding me. :)


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