You're Not You

This morning i finished You're Not You by Michelle Wildgen. it is a real life type story, no supernatural or fantasy or extreme elements like i've been reading recently. Real life can be pretty extreme though.

Bec is an aimless college student, sick of her waitressing job. She's having an affair with a married poetry professor (not one of hers) and her life is rather scattered. She answers an ad to be a caregiver for a woman with LDS. Kate is only 36 and is wheelchair bound. She can barely move but can speak. at first Bec is overwhelmed and awkward with Kate. They become friends as Kate gets sicker and still retains her style and control over her own life.

In a way it was a book about how the sick person teaches the young person about life. Or more about living really in this case. i liked the book but i still ended up crying afterward. in weird ways Bec's lower moods hit too close to my own emotional state but then her good times swung so wide of my own experience. She's lonely, gets set up on a double date by her best friend, goes home with the guy and gets laid. i guess everything is just that easy with normal people but all my dates since R have been one awkward rejection after another.

one thing that is bad, really bad, is the paperback cover. It makes it look more about teacher/student affairs than the book actually is. see?

The hardback cover, the one i got, is stark and beautiful and lonely.

much better. Overall, i give this one a 4. it is a beautiful book but it just wasn't for me right now.

Other Opinions" Reading Rants!, and Literate Housewife. that's all i could pull up. if anyone else has read this one let me know and i'll link on over!


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