The Dark Is Rising

After several delays i finished up The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper. Awesome book. Again, i wonder how i missed this book as a kid. it is EXACTLY what i loved at that time.

Will is a young English boy, the seventh son of a seventh son. The day before his eleventh birthday, which occurs on the shortest day of the year, he learns he is one of the Old Ones, the Sign-Seeker, gifted with special abilities. He meets Merriman Lyon, the uncle in the first book of this series, who is an Old One as well. Will learns he must find the six Signs, of Fire and Water, Wood and Stone, Iron and Bronze, before the Dark forces do. The Light has always fought the Dark but, as the title says, the Dark is rising.

I really liked this story. Lots of English mythology. Will is a great character, reminding me a bit of Harry Potter and Will from His Dark Materials. I can see that both of those stories owe a bit to Susan Cooper. a 6 and one more for my personal challenge.

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