Fables 9

I am slowly working my way through this series. Trust me, if the library had more copies or if the guy who's requesting these right in front of me would take a break, i'd be finished by now.

Fables Vol. 9: Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham, James Jean, Mike Allred, and Joelle Jonesis a pause. Pinocchio attends a conference of the leaders of the Homelands, with is father Geppetto as ulitmate leader of course. There they brainstorm ideas on what to do about Fabletown and the Mundane World. The Snow Queen (not sure if she's any relation to the Narnia Queen) has a dastardly presentation. Pinocchio counters with a great depiction of how the Fables would "come out" to the Mundys to protect thier new home. Over at The Farm, Red and Boy Blue start becoming more friendly and we have a Christmas story. After all, Santa is a Fable too! We also find out what happens when Snow White, Bigby Wolf, and the cubs visit Grandpa North Wind.

The reason i didn't like this one as much is partly the art. I'm so used to how Mark Buckingham draws the characters that the last story, "Father and Son", was a bit jarring. How Buckingham manages to draw six children, each looking distinctive from each other but looking like siblings, is beyond me. Overall, it's a 5.


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