The Last 20

A memeish thingy. I pulled it from Tempting Persephone, who said she picked it up from Hey Lady and Presenting Lenore. Where do you get your books from? i figure this is pretty typical for me really.
  1. The Dark is Rising- bought for $1.25 at McKay's
  2. The Dead and the Gone- library
  3. The Lost- bought for $6 at McKay's
  4. Fables Vol. 8- library
  5. The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality- gift from R for last year's bday
  6. Patient Zero- library
  7. The Forest of Hands and Teeth- library
  8. Over Sea, Under Stone- McKay's
  9. You're Not You- library
  10. A Certain Slant of Light- McKay's
  11. Just In Case- library
  12. World Made By Hand- bought new from regular bookstore
  13. How I Live Now- library
  14. Fables Vol 7- library
  15. Fables Vol 6- library
  16. Fables Vol 5- library
  17. The Wordy Shipmates- library
  18. Jane Austen for Dummies- library
  19. Holes- bought used at a thrift store
  20. What I Was- library
Nifty. 4 from McKay's, 13 library, 1 gift, 1 bought new, 1 thrifted. *sigh* and this is with me trying to read more of my own. ok, redoubling efforts!


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