Prepared..Or Not

I finished up Just In Case: How to be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens by Kathy Harrison. Pretty straightforward summary right there in the title! The author goes over a bunch of information but isn't overwhelming. she's not giving the "we're all gonna die!!" type warnings. she's much more relaxed, suggesting more that an area may have to make it a few weeks or a month without help, or without enough help to have things be normal.

I do feel this book has a lot to offer families and homeowners on preparedness. I intend to begin to follow several suggestions myself, like having cash on hand, getting an evacuation pack together, and keeping my car at least half full of gas. The one problem i had though is that, as an apartment dweller in Nashville, many of the steps i simply cannot take. No fireplace for heating in winter, no basement for cold storage of veggies, no hooking up a generator to run a small fridge. I suppose the author's first suggestion for me would be to save up for a down payment on a home! This book has made me look realistically at my situation and realize that if something bad happened, like a long term power outage in the winter, i'd need to have some plan in place to head somewhere else. overall, a 5.


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