Two More

I read Greenwitch by Susan Cooper. Will Stanton from The Dark Is Rising returns. His American uncle takes him to Cornwall over spring break. There they stay with Merriman and the Drew children. They are all together because the Dark has stolen the grail (found by the Drew kids in the first book) and may be coming for the manuscript that fell in the ocean (also in the first book). There's a creepy Dark minion, a visit to the Sea Queen, a freaky dream sequence, and
Jane saves the day. a 6.

Also, I finished up Z for Zachariah by Robert O'Brien. another post-apocalypse YA novel, an oldie from 1974. Ann is alone in the valley she grew up in. after some unknown war ended, Ann's parents, both brothers, and the other family that lived in the valley all left to check out the surrounding area. None returned (this is the one bit i found a bit unrealistic). Ann is now 16 and has been working the garden, tending the cows and chickens, for the last year or so. Suddenly she begins seeing smoke from a campfire on the horizon. a man shows up in a radiation proof suit. For Ann, things radically change. overall, a 4. Just didn't like this one as much as some of the others i've read recently.

I am glad i read Greenwitch between Sold and Z for Zachariah. reading about some good male characters helped blunt the evil, possessive, angry males in the other two stories. i mean, i'm not going to say no man i've been close to, friend and family, has never paid for sex. i understand prostitution and if two consenting adults want to do that, no coercion involved, i'm not going to say anything. i can guarantee i've not known anyone who could rape a 13 year old girl. What kind of man, what kind of person, is so self centered and hateful that they can objectify a person so completely?

so rhetorical question i know. *sigh*


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