Weekend Fun

I had a busy busy weekend. Lots of fun!

Friday i woke up early, packed a bag and headed to Chattanooga. I wanted to go to the Aquarium and the Zoo but the rain and grey drizzle made the decision for me to stay indoors. I can really recommend the Chattanooga Aquarium. One building is mostly freshwater, though they had a seahorse special exhibit. lots of amphibians and reptiles too. I liked the room full of various turtles and tolerated the frogs. I've got a phobia of them but am fine when they are behind glass. The second building was mostly saltwater except for the butterfly room which was really cool. they have to grow a few hundred butterflies every week to keep the exhibit going because the bugs only have a few week lifespan. Seriously, any little girl would be ecstatic in that room!

That night after dinner i went to a comedy show at 730 (fun) and saw a jam band play from 10:30 to 1 am, at which point i realized that the band was going to close the place down and i was not going to manage to stay awake much longer. probably had more fun watching the stand up, if just because it wasn't as loud!

Saturday i woke up, had a crappy hotel breakfast, and headed back to Nashville. got back about 1130 and made bleu cheese bacon potato salad. At 4 i headed to an atheist house party! I had a bunch of fun there and didn't leave until almost midnight! I was kinda vacillating on whether or not to go; i was only slightly acquainted with a couple people i'd met on previous meetups that were hikes. But it turned out great with about 30 people ranging from a couple little kids, a couple teenagers, on up to some older folks in their 60s maybe. No, there was not a goat sacrifice, though we did roast dead chicken and sausages. I will be going to more meetups in the future!


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