The Decemberists

I saw the best concert of my life on September 27th! I've been to a good many shows and seen a lot of cool things: Jerry Lee Lewis banging away on the piano on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis, Melissa Etheridge rockin' the Grand Ole Opry stage, been on stage with Cowboy Mouth for a song, the authorities turning off the stage power on George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic and they still kept singing.

The Decemberists played the Ryman Auditorium here in Nashville and it is absolutely the best show i've ever seen. They came out and played The Hazards of Love album straight through. That was amazing. The women singing Margaret and The Queen really got into the parts. "The Rake Song" starts off with a pitch black stage, then a spotlight on the lead singer, expanding into flashes as every other band member plays drums! "Hazards of Love 4" was so pretty i had tears in my eyes.

That set in itself would have been a great show. The band left the stage for about 15 minutes then came back and did another set! When you worry about the structural integrity of the balcony because the entire crowd is jumping up and down in unison to "O, Valencia", when your hands hurt afterward because you've clapped so much, when you can say you sang at the Ryman with a few thousand friends, that's when you know you've been to an incredible event.

R posted pics on his Flickr. Take a peek!


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