Fables War and Pieces

A story arc complete! Fables Volume 11: War and Pieces comes to the war we've been leading up to for so long. a 7, with a few caveats.

First we have a brief adventure with Cinderella, spy extraordinaire! She is too cool. I hope as the series continues we get to see some of her earlier adventures. Mowgli's too for that matter. Then we are in the war, from Boy Blue's point of view. He's still got the witching cloak and is a messenger/supply runner/ambulance. anything and everything fits under that cloak! Bigby and his forces cover the last door out to the Cloud Kingdom, Prince Charming and Aladdin have an airship crew making bombing raids, various individuals have thier own missions to attend to. I really really enjoyed this series of issues.

The one complaint i have is that the war seemed to go too fast. Now i know it's different for me, reading these 11 books over just a couple months. Everyone reading as the comics came out waited over 6 years from the first issue to the end of the war so i am sure none of them felt it went too quickly. I just think we could have spent another whole comic issue or 3 detailing the war as the events unfold.

also, though i can't play Oregon Trail on my G1 yet, i can play it online...what a wonderful new time suck i've found!!


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