Henry IV, Part 2

I have to say i didn't like this part as much as part 1. Henry IV, Part 2 picks up right where Part 1 left off. The kingdom is still roiling over with rebellion, King Henry is still disturbed by his heir Prince Hal, Falstaff is still slumming.

This is my 5th installment for the Shakespeare Challenge. The production was enthralling again but i just didn't like this play as much. I wish there was more between Falstaff and Prince Hal as he has such an abrupt change in character. The changes are hinted at earlier, even at the beginning of part 1, but startling when he completely rejects his old life. The story is also a bit more disjointed; i think a few things happen on stage that you don't get specifically said outloud. overall i give the play a 4.


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