Night Runner

I finished an ERC today which is also my first RIP book of the year. I gotta concentrate on that challenge the next few weeks. Night Runner, by Max Turner, is about a teenage vampire. Zach doesn't know he's a vampire. He's lived in a mental ward since he was 8, not because he's crazy but because he's an orphan with severe sun and food allergies. It isn't all bad; Zach doesn't go to school, his childhood friend Charlie comes to visit in the evenings, pretty nurse Ophelia takes him bowling and to the movies too. So what if he can only eat weird strawberry smoothies?

Zach's well ordered life is thrown into chaos one night when a man on a motorcycle crashes into the ward and tells Zach to run. Zach's surprised, even more so when the man jumps out of an ambulance after being shot in the chest! The next night Zach's uncle Max shows up and tells him that not only was Zach's dad a vampire hunter, the vampire who killed him infected Zach. While this knowledge at least clears up some of Zach's past, it really complicates his future.

I liked this book because i liked Zach. He's a sweet, pretty innocent kid. He's naive so makes some choices about who to trust that end up hurting him. In some novels these come off as just plot devices, but it makes sense from the character's perspective: he's been so sheltered his entire life that he's got no experiences to draw from. He's also not a Bella "vampires are the coolest thing ever" character. He's torn over what he is and really would rather be normal with a regular life.

Turner writes decently though i feel the book was a bit fast. Turner seems to like writing action; it's easy to follow and i never wondered what was going on. As for the characters, Zach is fully formed but a some of the other characters are only lightly done: "best friend" Charlie, "love interest" Luna, "protective mom figure" Ophelia. Maybe that will change a bit if this book becomes a series. Overall, a 5 from me and i'll definitely read more of Turner's work.


  1. Hi Melanie. I've recently started following your blog and I just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying it. I especially like all the non-fiction you write TBR list has grown!


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