On The Road

I finally finished out On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Hated it. The only reason i could even read it was because i listened to it on audio while i drove to and from Louisiana. Since i had two Shakespeare plays that i actually enjoyed listening to it made me dislike On The Road even more. I feel like i need to get the Cliff's Notes for this book.

Sal Paradise is lost lost lost. So's his friend Dean and pretty much everyone they know. They're all searching for something and i don't think they even know that they are. The novel is one long drunken drive. They party, they drive, they drink, they hitchhike, they pick up girls (who are all treated pretty poorly and my feminist leanings really got roused up), they get high, they drive. It's exhausting. It's tiring to listen to, let alone live. Kerouac does write these lyrical, wonderful descriptions which pop right off the page and surprise you. Parts are wistful and drowsy and others are frenetic and wild. i guess it's all too much for me to be pleased with.

This counts for various things so that is very good. but i am still giving it a 3.

Other thoughts: Books for Breakfast, Shelf Love, Naked Without Books.


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