Richard II

I'm in Louisiana! YAY! I took a nice, long weekend and came down to see the family. I've already eaten The Best Donuts on Earth and gotten a po'boy! mmmmm. oh, and saw my brother's family.

I listened to Arkangel's production of Shakespeare's Richard II on the drive. loved the cd and liked the play. At the play's start, Henry Bolingbroke (Richard's cousin) and Sir Thomas Mowbry are both accusing each other of treasons. They challenge each other to duels over the king's and Henry's father John of Gaunt's wishes. At the beginning of the duel the king stops the men and banishes each of them, Mowbry forever and Henry for 6 years. Then John of Gaunt dies and Richard seizes his lands and holdings to pay for his wars in Ireland. When Henry finds out he comes back to England with troops and his friend's armies. Richard surrenders to him and Henry becomes King Henry IV. We hear a bit about Prince Hal hanging out with the peasants in the taverns and how well Henry Hotspur does. Richard becomes Henry's prisoner and later is murdered.

One thing i wondered is over how long exactly the events took place in time. The play makes things seem very very fast. Wikipedia's entry on the life of Richard II says that Henry and Mowbry's quarrle began in December 1397. John of Gaunt dies in 1399. and Richard finally dies after a year in captivity in 1400. so, in fact, the main events of the play take place over about 2 years, relatively quickly but not the few months that the play seems to indicate.

The other thing i wondered was who was the villain and who was the hero. At first, Henry seems the hero and Richard the evil king. But once the tables have turned and Richard is falling he becomes far more sympathetic. The scenes he has with the queen are especially moving. Overall, i figures this one is a 5 for me.

OH, and i snagged an ERC of Night Runner by Max Turner off Librarything. So i've got 1 more vampire book for RIP!

Tonight i'll be going to see my brother's band, Cheater Pipe, play in Lake Charles. Think I'll snag a nap.


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