Watchmen Reread

I read this originally in 2007...and even wrote about it on here! strange. Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, is an incredibly groundbreaking graphic novel. The only one on the 1001 Books List!

I really enjoyed my reread. Having a couple years to think about the book, as well as seeing the movie and the commentary, helped refine my thinking about the novel. It is a masterpiece. What can you write about a book when so many people have dissected it so well?

The other book i read for this review is Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorshach Test edited by Mark D. White. If you've read Watchmen you know that it is a work grounded in the big philosophical questions. What is the nature of identity? Is there a moral place doing evil for the greater good? What is justice? If someone knows what we will do, do we have any free will?

The essays on the nature of time really blew me away. I didn't follow those two very well. The best, i felt, covered Rorschach, of course! The worst was about gay rights, not because i didn't agree but because it had nothing at all to do with Watchmen. One essay discusses the nature of literature and includes this quote:

If there is a comics canon--a list of the greatest works in the art form that serves as a standard against which all other comics are judged--then surely Watchmen is at the core of that canon (along with such works as Maus, The Dark Knight Returns, The Sandman, and Persepolis).

I've read all of these mentioned now! Weird that i've read the all the classics of comics.

So overall both are 7s from me! Watchmen and Philosophy counts for my personal challenge.


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