What To Eat

I think I shall take a break from food books for a while. I just finally finished What To Eat by Marion Nestle. The link is to the 2007 paperback but i read the 2006 hardback.

I say just finally finished because this book is loooooong. It's good, informative, comprehensive. just long. Nestle goes through a supermarket, section by section, explaining what those weird ingredients are, how to read a nutrition label, and why our food policy is made the way it is. She goes into the whole industrial food complex to show why organic plain foods cost more and why super processed junk seems so cheap. Just about any food question you have Nestle can answer. Should you take herbal supplements? (no) Is low carb any better for you? (no) Is organic food really regulated? (yes)

Overall, i give this one a 5 for ME. I've read a lot of this info in other books. If you haven't read much on the local/organic food movement and nutrition in general you'll be fully informed by reading this one.


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