100 Mile Challenge

This challenge seems cool and maybe a way to keep some of that Halloween Candy/Thanksgiving Turkey/Christmas Cookie weight off. The challenge runs from 10/1-12/31 and the goal is to walk/run 100 miles over the course of the 92 days. That works out to 1.08 miles/day. so, since i'm starting late, my goal will be to do 85 miles, with a stretch goal of the full 100. I like the fact that i can also use 15 minutes of other exercise as a mile; I need to pull out that yoga video!

So, because i can, i'm going to count the 2 miles i did at Radnor Lake yesterday for my first 2 miles of the challenge! I actually walked 2.7 but that extra .7 doesn't count. Had i known i was going to be doing this challenge i'd have finished another .3. ah well.


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