The Bride's Farewell

I'm not exactly sure how i feel about this book yet. The Bride's Farewell is Meg Rosoff's newest novel. I think it's being marketed as an adult novel but any teen who liked Just In Case or How I Live Now would also be attracted the adventures of Pell Ridley, the bride of the title.

Set in 1850's England, Pell is the oldest girl in her family. After living her life with her worthless, drunken father, her overworked, heartbroken mother, her mess of sisters and several dead brothers, Pell decides to run from this life on what was to be her wedding day. She owns a horse which she takes with her and her little brother, Bean, joins her. Her first plan, as she's been working with horses since she was a child, is to go to the Salisbury horse fair and get a job.

Unfortunately, life on the open road can be complicated and the wrong choice can have long term consequences.

i liked it but it took me a while to get into. The story of Pell's childhood is interspersed between chapters occuring in her present, and occasionally we see the point of view of other characters like Bean. It's a bit jarring. a few of the amazon reviews say it's predictable but i disagree. Towards the end i began to know how things were going to wrap up but most of the story was intriguing. a 5 from me.


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