Catching Fire

I finished up Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins today! I really liked this one more than Hunger Games. This book felt more original and the characters had more individual personalities. And we find more about the history and political situation in Panem, and about the districts too.

So Katniss and Peeta have survived their Games and have come home to wealthy lives. But Katniss is still out of place because, though she cares about Peeta, she doesn't know if she wants to be forced to be with him the rest of her life. Gale, her friend from before the Games, has become a bit more than just friend. When EVEELL President Snow shows up, talking of how Katniss has become a bit of a symbol of rebellion, saying she better make sure everyone knows she defied the Capitol only for love, Katniss realizes that, in one way or another, she will never be free. Then Capitol rachets up the pressure, in ways only a dictatorship can.

Lots of the action takes place out of the Arena. We start seeing all the bigger threads that the first book only hinted at. And it ends with a great last line. ACK! it is hard to talk about without spoiling this book, let alone giving away a ridiculous amount from Hunger Games.

When does book 3 come out again?

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