Monday, October 19

Couple things....first off i'm reading
  1. The Reality Dysfunction: Part 1 Emergence by Peter F. Hamilton- B's rec, epic sci-fi, can i say it's weird to be with a guy who reads?
  2. Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason
  3. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Secondly, I took a mental health day today. woke up late (but not late enough), made some yummy apple-pecan baked thing for breakfast, walked at Radnor Lake, where i saw a flock of nuns, and have read and played on the web. And worked on my resume. Ever get super crazy burned out? I've worked as a Customer's Bitch for 7 full years come November 8. If one more thing changes or one more piece of bad work news comes my way i think i'll literally stand up at work and start screaming. so, rather than have a full on, public nervous breakdown (hmm, would my disability insurance cover that?), i've decided to at least try to begin looking for different employment. While the night shift is no longer the pain it once was (thanks, B!), i'd love to have something to do that i don't despise. Cross your fingers!

I've made it to 3 movies the last week.
  1. Zombieland-Very funny, go see it! 6
  2. 9-Solid, cool animation-5
  3. Paranormal Activity-a must if you liked Blair Witch-5
Fourthly, Go, Chargers, Go!


  1. I can't agree with you more about work; it just seems to be getting worse. Good luck on finding a new job, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Sorry that I am so late to the party! I have Colleen Gleason down to read next year. She has been on my list for a while.


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