Shakespeare Wrote for Money

I could read a dozen collections of Nick Hornby's "Stuff I've Been Reading" column, if only he'd keep writing them. Of course, then I'd have even more things on my to read list. So maybe it's a good thing that Shakespeare Wrote for Money is the last collection, for now anyway.

Hornby is such a normal, for blogger terms anyway, reader. As in, he reads all over the place, admits to not finishing some books, to not liking big famous bestsellers, and admits that sometimes he just doesn't read. His non-reading period in this volume spans the World Cup (soccer) and his own wedding. I think that that column is one of my favorites in the book, making me laugh out loud. It's that weird synchroniscity of reading that Hornby describes: since my knowledge of soccer has exponentially increased in the last month, the column is funny. if i'd read it in August, it would have only been ok. He relates that idea to movies, discussing whether people should revisit favorites or not. Overall, this was a great read. a 6!

BTW, the title is the answer to why Shakespeare seemed so prolific in some years. The man had a lot of obligations!

Another BTW, my library has only the first and now the third volume. So I've still not read Housekeeping vs the Dirt.


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