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Sort of a bit of everything post..

Congrats to all doing the Read-a-thon. I swear i am going to do the one in the spring. For sure! I'll be visiting various blogs i follow and cheering you on, as well as trying to get in the spirit and do a little reading myself!

walked 1.6 miles yesterday, 1 of which will count towards that 100 mile challenge!

I cooked jambalaya last night and B seemed to like it. Yay! That whole "to the heart through the stomach" thing seems to be working. I made him take some home as you can't just make a little jambalaya; you must make a bunch!

I got a CSA box this morning full of giant vegetables. This picture includes an acorn squash (the green one), a butternut squash, a sweet potato, and a normal sized apple for scale. anybody want some butternut squash soup?

for dinner tonight i'm cooking up some collard greens and baked butternut squash w/ bleu cheese and onions. here's a pic of that the last time i made it.


Whatever i'm doing, i'll be switching over to the Auburn-LSU game @ 630. Go Tigers!


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