Breaking Dawn

So i liked this one much more than Eclipse! I finished up Breaking Dawn on my last break at work tonight.

ok, yeah, there were some really silly bits that i won't go into because they are certainly spoilery. Really silly. Seriously, when we switched to Jacob's chapters i felt certain the book would be hurled across the room when i finished it. However, later developments redeemed the story.

so yeah, this one gets a 5.


  1. My daughter (age 10), loves the books. She has been bugging me to get her Breaking Dawn. I keep telling her to wait until it is out in paperback.

    I have no opinion, since I haven't read them, but ... I did think the movie Twilight was really dull. What kind of vampires and werewolves were those? Van Helsing was much more my style of movie.

  2. i liked Van Helsing mainly because Hugh Jackman wanders about shirtless for long stretches. mmmmm. the twilight seriesjust uses the vampire/werewolf/ thing to tell a story about being a teenager with choices about love and sex and relationships.


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