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I just finished up the BBC Pride and Prejudice last night.

ok, so yeah, this one is better than the new theatrical version. you get, of course, so much more of the story since it is about twice as long. that means you get more of the characters you don't like too (Lydia and Mrs. Bennett) but more of the ones you enjoy (Elizabeth and Jane, Mr. Darcy). I really liked this movie as well and it's on my wishlist now too! another 7 from me!

and happy Friday the 13th!


  1. I am really in love with both version. The BBC version is great just for the reason you mention, you get a much bigger picture of the story. And for the most part I really love the actors and actresses. Its one we've watched many times. But I've also become extremely attached to the theatrical version. The director captures a real romantic essence in it with the visuals and the music that have me coming back to it again and again. Both are so much fun and I get great pleasure out of reviewing them every so often.

  2. I have added both to my wishlist. I have a feeling both will be added to my "listening to while dozing off to sleep" rotation.

  3. IComLeavWe-

    I can never remember which is the BBC one and which is the A&E version. But I love them both!! I have favorite actors from both of them. The newer theater version was entertaining and I enjoy watching it but either of the others far exceed it for content.
    Ok, I did a little research, BBC has produced two versions, one in 1980 and one in 1996. Those are the two I'm referring to.

  4. The 90's version is the one I watched.


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