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I finished the last of Nick Hornby's Believer column compilations, Housekeeping vs The Dirt. It is weird to have read the last columns before these middle ones. These cover the same sorts of things: Books Bought vs Books Read, enjoying lowbrow literature, not making yourself work to enjoy a book. There's less soccer and more international politics. another 6!

on another note, sometime in the last few days my counter rolled over 16,000! thanks! Thanks for dropping by, reading and commenting or even just going away again. I appreciate it and writing this blog so far has been fun and educational! hopefully next time i hit a milestone i'll notice a little faster.


  1. How weird is it that I randomly picked two blogs from my blog list and both would have just posted about Nick Hornby books?!?!

    Loved reading these this past spring. I too read them out of order, but it didn't stop me from really enjoying them. One of the many recommendations I took from his books were those of Anne Fadiman. I highly recommend them, they are great!

  2. Hornby's added a good number of books to my long list too!


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