So, i fail!

I've been having the toughest time going the daily blogging thing this time. Partly it is because work has been absolutely insanely busy and work is where i tend to get some reading done. I also frequently update my blog from work as well so being busy means i can't do that either. I've been going out sometimes after work which means then i'm sleeping later too. and for personal mood reasons i haven't felt like reading or blogging. This past weekend i was personally very busy with other things and got nothing accomplished besides paying a few bills. so, i have bowed out of NaBloPoMo this time. oh well, that makes me 2 for 3 at succeeding.

The one thing i did do, on my way to pick up my dog from R's, was stop by McKays. I ended up grabbing 4 graphic novels and 2 books for a total of $25. I did read a couple of my new graphic novels over the weekend.

Serenity: Those Left Behind by Joss Whedon, Will Conrad and Laura Marin is a bit of filler. It is short, short, short. The art is very pretty but there isn't much to the story. We see why Shepard left the ship and see Mal and crew drop off Inara. a little space adventure to bridge the show and the movie, only for completists. a 4.
Jack of Fables, Vol 1: The (nearly) Great Escape by Bill Willingham, Mathew Sturgis, Tony Akins and Andrew Pepoy (whew!) starts up literally seconds after Jack walks out of the Fables series. He's hitchhiking down the highway when a hot girl in a black van suggests strongly that Jack take a ride with her. She has two "bagmen", literally animated bags, that help her corral Jack. He tries to escape but ends up killing himself in a major traffic accident. Luckily for him, due to his new fame from his movies, Jack wakes from the dead a few days later. Unluckily, he's already been captured and sent to the Golden Boughs Retirement Village, where Revise, the evil overlord, holds Fables until the world forgets them and they can be destroyed. He's got something against magic. So, of course, Jack stages a breakout.

overall though, I didn't like this one as much as Fables. Jack is an ass! He's so annoying, and sarcastic, and mean spirited. I get why he treats Goldilocks poorly but he's pretty rough with everyone. I'll keep up the series as i can get them from the library but i don't know that i would buy any more. a 4 as well.


  1. Don't we all fail at blogging?

    Mind you, I find that when I go over older posts, I tend to be pleased with them. I think they get better with age, like whine and geez.


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