American Gods

So i finally finished up American Gods by Neil Gaiman on audio book. I really would have finished it on the trip back from Louisiana but i had to listen to the LSU game, of course, and spent about an hour talking to B. so those diversions left me with 4 cd's to finish the book and only a 10 min commute each way to work to do it in. I just can't sit at the house and listen to audiobooks.

The book, for anyone not familiar, follows a newly released ex-con, Shadow. While trying to get back home during a major storm his plane gets diverted, he misses another, and finally ends up on the one open seat on a flight, which isn't even the seat assigned him. When he sits down, the man next to him turns and says "you're late".

what kind of awesome setup is that! from there, Shadow gets to know various old gods, who are real, brought to America by their believers hundreds or thousands of years ago. He meets several new gods, of TV and internet and media. There is a war brewing between the new and old and Shadow is smack in the middle of it.

It is a great novel. Sprawling in scope with dozens of characters, it covers so much mythology. i really really liked it. a 7!


  1. Anonymous8/12/09 21:56

    I loved this book. I even looked up a bunch of the characters after I read it, trying to figure out what gods they represented.

  2. I looked up the characters as well! still haven't figured out who the god who shadow can't remember is though.

  3. It is a great novel, one that I read with delight and found even more wonderful when I listened to the audio version of it. I have checked it out from the library a couple of times and it continues to be strong even when you know how the story ends.

    If you haven't read it, check out the novella Monarch of the Glen in the Fragile Things collection. It is a story about Shadow after the events of American Gods. It is very good.

  4. weirdly enough Carl, i actually listened to Fragile Things last year and heard The Monarch of the Glen before i read American Gods. Knowing Shadow survived made American Gods better i think!


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