B Spoils Me!

I had a lovely weekend with B. He's so sweet!

We did presents on Saturday night. I hope he liked the tees i got him from Threadless. I also got him a couple of soccer books, one of which he said he had heard good things about. He gave me a Box o' Books! Whee! i got the Sandman comics that i didn't have and another graphic novel, as well as some sci-fi and a kids book that i wanted. And a Han Solo bobblehead! and Firefly! so like i said, he spoiled me!

Sunday we went to see Avatar! on IMAX in 3D! It was pretty full but we got some decent seats. I thought it was a pretty cool movie and liked it a lot. However, i got motion sick! i have seen plenty of 3D movies, even a couple on IMAX and have never had any problem with getting nauseous. I saw the 3D Christmas Carol a few weeks ago and was fine. I actually had to get up about halfway through Avatar, walk out and take a breather for a few minutes. i got a soda and that helped and i was able to finish up the movie ok. B said he was a little sick too but had a bigger problem with a headache. The movie itself was definitely worth it! a 6.

after that we hung out, watched some tv, played some PS3. B went and got chinese for dinner (yum) and we really just had a good time together. Yay for days off!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I would kill for a Han Solo bobble head! I have only been to one IMAX movie. It was a documentary on the Nile River. Part of the experience was feeling like you were in a plane flying over the land. I got a little sick myself, but I would try one again.


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