Batman and Philosophy

Do i read too much philosophy? I completed Batman and Philosophy edited by Mark D White, Robert Arp, and William Irwin today. Overall, i am giving it a 4. Some essays were great but several were pretty bleh. I had high hopes for "Why Batman is Better than Superman", "Is It Right to Make a Robin" and "The Tao of the Bat". They were really not informative though. The best were "Worlds Finest...Friends? Batman, Superman and the Nature of Friendship", "Alfred, the Dark Knight of Faith: Batman and Kierkegaard" and "Batman's Confrontation with Death, Angst, and Freedom". I think the reason i prefered those essays is that they covered information i hadn't already read before. I've read so much about deontology and utilitarianism and consequentialist theory that reading about these as related to Batman isn't that interesting.

So i'll be posting a couple wrap up posts soon. Unless i finish up another graphic novel in the next couple days i think this book may be my last for 2009!


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