Best of the Year

So, these items are all in no particular order. I can never limit myself to a set number. if i set the number too high, then i feel like i have to add in things, too low and i end up cutting out something i don't want to. Here are the things i enjoyed most in 2009, with comments



The Hugo Winners Vol. 1 edited by Issac Asimov- OLD sci-fi short stories

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist - Swedish vampires

1984 by George Orwell - classic dystopia

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff - modern, YA semi-dystopia

After the Quake by Murakami - lyrical Japanese short stories

The Grey King by Susan Cooper - English kids having adventures!

Skellig by David Almond -English kids having a very very different adventure

American Gods by Neil Gaiman - epic


A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen - very early feminism

Henry IV, Part 1 by William Shakespeare - Hotspur vs Harry plus Falstaff = very good

Graphic Novels:

Fables series - Snow White is proactive? The Big Bad Wolf is a hard-boiled detective? Super cool

Y: The Last Man series - the world comes to an end for almost every male on Earth. The one that is left is actually a nice guy!


Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell -presidential history is fun!

The Lost by Daniel Mendehlsohn -searching for your ancestors is deeply meaningful

Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne - understanding your really really deep ancestors is amazing!


Coraline - i always thought something like this movie would happen to me when i was a kid

Watchmen - even sandwiched between to big guys i thought this movie was fabulous

The Dirty Dozen - how the hell did i not see this years ago?

Star Trek - bang, zoom! who needs the originals?

Avatar - not even motion sickness could stop me!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Brad Pitt is lovely and this movie made me cry

Inglourious Basterds - more Brad Pitt, killin' NAT-zees.

Pride and Prejudice, BBC version - better Elizabeth, better Darcy

Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightly version - much prettier


The Decemberists concert- seriously, one of my top 3 concerts ever!

Meeting B- pretty self-explanatory i would think.

Going to a motorcycle race with my Dad- daddy-daughter bonding!

Hearing Beethoven's Ode to Joy live with chorus at the Schermerhorn- beautiful and amazing

Spending a weekend in Atlanta with my mom, sister and brother- we hung out, went to see the King Tut exhibit and went to Medieval Times. Not a bad long weekend.

Giggling through The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) at Shakespeare in the Park.

So, this year, i think, has been pretty good. I'm so much happier with my life now than i was 12 months ago. Here's to more great days in 2010!


  1. I agree, American Gods IS epic.

  2. I've got to track down a copy of that Hugo Winners book, I'd love that.

    So fun to see After the Quake on the list. Go Super Frog, go!

    And any list with Gaiman on it is a GREAT list!

    Love Fables. Started reading Y years ago and never finished. I need to.

    Great movies on the list too...Star Trek and Coraline especially.

    What a wonderful idea to include events that happened during the year. Just reading those makes me realize that you had a wonderful year indeed!!!

  3. You're inspiring me to make a list now!

  4. softdrink, Bluestocking, omchelsea- thanks for coming by!

    Carl- Y is a complete series at this point. I read it from the library! :) The Hugo Winners i read for a yahoo sci-fi reading group and got my copy from paperbackswap. I've got volume 2 that i haven't read yet.

  5. My wife got farther in Y than I did and I know she was checking them all out from the library. I know she hit a point where they didn't have the last volume or two but I imagine they have to have them by now. I'll have to check.


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