BTT for 12/24

Thanks for not asking a Christmas question, BTT! I appreciate it. All fall i haven't really felt the Christmas feeling. I mean, i went shopping but still didn't get a tree this year. it isn't cold at all! I didn't have an opportunity to take any time off work and don't even get a long weekend because Christmas is on a Friday this year and i have Friday's off anyway. My closest friends are out of town. And i have to work tonight :(. Don't feel sorry for me though; I plan on vegging out and reading and watching movies all day. I also have Titans tickets for the Christmas day game and will have a great time with my friend J.

so, on to BTT!

Given the choice, which do you prefer? Real history? Or historical fiction? (Assume, for the purposes of this discussion that they are equally well-written and engaging.)

My college major was Anthropology! So i have a bit of a penchant for history in all its' forms. I read a good bit of non-fiction, from really specific topics (like A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage) to broad overviews (Collapse by Jared Diamond). I enjoy how much i can learn from that type of books. I also enjoy historical fiction, especially female characters and their lives. Hmm, do books by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens count as historical fiction? or are only books written now taking place in the past considered historical fiction? either way, i enjoy reading many classics (Robinson Crusoe being a notable recent exception) and recently published historical novels. so, I would say this one would be a draw.

Happy Christmas everyone!


  1. I'd call Dickens and Austen "old contemporary fiction." My post is here.

  2. I hope you have a nice time at the Titans game, at least. I'm sorry it's such a non-Christmassy year for you, but I hope that your weekend is peaceful and you enjoy yourself. Happy Christmas to you!


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