Final Tally

OK here i go! I read 46 more books than last year, but since i read two whole graphic novel series i think that makes my total look higher. I read four fewer non-fiction books. I also read 18 more library books, which i know comes from the graphic novel series.

Total: 148

Non-fiction: 31
Library: 98 (i signed up for the 50 book challenge at the 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge so i'm done)
Graphic novels: 31

Science Book Challenge:3/3 i am done!
YA Challenge: 12/12 DONE!
World Citizen Challenge: 2/3
TBR Lite: 0/6 - i just never felt like reading the books i'd listed
Chunkster Challenge: 4/3-5 Done!
Classics Challenge: 5/5 DONE!
OUaT3: 5/5 also done!
1% Challenge: 10/10 done
RIP IV Challenge: 4/4 Done!


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