Robinson Crusoe

I have been reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe on Dailylit and finished it up last night. I really didn't like it unfortunately. I wasn't expecting all the religion!

The story is pretty simple. Robinson Crusoe is a middle class young man who's family wants him to stay in England and remain as he is. He defies them and goes to sea instead. He has a few early adventures, escaping from slavery in Africa at one point, then ends up in Brazil and owning a plantation. Well, he and some other plantation owners decide they could make more money if they brought over a few boatloads of slaves from Africa! So Crusoe hops on a boat, which during a storm gets driven onto an island reef and begins to sink. Crusoe is the only one to survive the attempt to get to shore and he then spends about 27 years on the island.

The first several chapters of him learning to live on the island are ok but the story becomes so repetitive: he learns to do something, something bad happens, he worries, then turns to God to save him. Repeat. Over and over! And the some of lists of supplies and cargo could have been left out. Between the tedium, the racism, and the praising of God i just couldn't enjoy it.

so, it is a 3 for me. I can cross it off my 1001 books list though.


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