Under the Dome

I finished Under the Dome by Stephen King in a 350 page binge after getting out of work a bit early last night. I didn't take it to work, for which i am glad, as I wouldn't have appreciated the end as much.

One day in late October a clear force field goes up around the entire town of Chester's Mill. Not a round dome as it follows the town's borders exactly, delving underground and straight into the sky for miles each way. Luckily, the town has a competent ex-Army short-order cook, Dale Barbara, with friends in very high places. Unluckily, the town also has a corrupt used car salesman (literally) of a politician in Big Jim Rennie, who wants to use the Dome as a way to take over the town. The whole book is the fight between these two factions, Barbara and crew trying to help people and fix the problem, Rennie and his cronies hurting people and destroying the town.

It's a sci-fi book, pure and simple. I'm blanking if King has written any other straight up sci-fi; Cell drifts over that direction but has some supernatural elements. This book is an ecological warning: if we screw up the air and water and turn up the heat how will we survive? We are like Chester's Mill, we just have a bit more space and call our dome the sky. Like a lot of good sci-fi, the novel points out the high and low points of being human. We can be selfless and selfish, we hurt others because we are scared or to prevent them from doing worse to us, we love and we hate.

This one is a 6. Knock 150 pages off the middle and i'd give it a 7.


  1. I keep hearing really positive things about this one. I am not big on chunksters and the potential arm numbing size of this book has me a bit stand offish, but with all the praise I may have to just man up and take the plunge.

  2. it is a bit hard to read the beginning and the ending as the pages just don't want to stay open. middle works fine laid open on the table or in bed though!


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