Another Nashville Only Post

I just have a couple things i want to mention!

I went to The Tempest last Friday night with the atheist Meetup group I'm in. Produced by The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, The Tempest was great. It was a pretty stripped down performance, not lots of props. the costumes are pretty and Ariel flies about the stage. A 6, I highly recommend it. The play will be finishing out this weekend, Thurs-Sun.

Lightning 100 and Team Green are having a silent auction on Tuesday night to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. It is at the Team Green Mixer at the Hard Rock Cafe from 6-8.

Oh, and Go Saints! anybody have an extra 4 grand? we could go to the Superbowl together! I'll even drive!


  1. Go Saints!!! I was torn between pulling for them and pulling for Favre. He is, after all, in my age range! :) Hope the Saints take the Colts to the woodshed.

  2. Dude(tte) If I had an extra 4 grand, I would TOTALLY come meet you in Nashville and drive down to the game with you!! I would kill to be there :) Glad you enjoyed The Tempest :)

  3. Carl- i also appreciate Farve's enthusiasm and durablity. he's a blast to watch.

    Chris- maybe one of us will win the lottery in the next 2 weeks!


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