A Book B Rec'd and What I Did on New Year's Eve

I promised myself that i would finish up the books i'd started last year (ha!) before starting any new ones. so that means finishing 3 books. The first I completed late last night. I liked the book B handed me a month ago, The Reality Dysfunction, Part 2: Expansion by Peter F Hamilton, more than i liked the first part. Since everyone was introduced in the first book and the events have already begun, there is much more action in this book, less setup.

Lalonde finally has gotten so bad that real help is supposed to be coming. First, the LDC hire a huge contingent of mercenaries, ships and people, to come in to quell what they still think is some sort of xenoc (Hamilton never defines his terms, i think that means alien) invasion. And at the same time the Confederation Navy gets involved. Unfortunately, since the possessed people can turn others into possessed so quickly, a pretty awesome space battle ensues. Meanwhile, the scientists of Tranquility find out more about the aliens who used to live in their area of space, Norfolk starts getting possessed, as well as a few other places.

Unfortunately, my two favorite characters from the first book aren't in this one too much. Syrinx, the captain of the blackhawk Oenone, is in only 1 scene i believe and Ione Saldana, the Lord of Ruin (which sounds like a bad guy name but isn't), has only a few scenes as well. A couple were important but a few were just "i think i'm in love with Joshua" girlyness.

But, Joshua has, a teeny tiny bit, redeemed himself. Ok, i wouldn't let him near my 15 year old sister. But on non-sexual matters he's a good guy. I guess. Maybe. He's loyal to his friends, at least, and to his ship and crew. He'll rescue innocents even if it puts himself in danger. And he's a damn good pilot. still, he better be the one to save the 'verse in the end.

The only thing is, there are 4 more books in the series! at least it is a completed series and i won't get to the end and find out the next book "should be out any time now!" and get annoyed. I really really wish there was a character list instead of a historical timeline. This book i give a 6, and i'll be posting over at Carl's Sci-Fi Experience about it.

Here's a spectacular review of the 2 volumes i've read (really 1 book split into 2): The Wertzone.

Now, for New Year's Eve! I got off work at 8:30, B came over to my place, I made bean dip, we drank, watched Top Gear, drank, watched the Red Bull guy on ESPN jump off a pier onto a boat, drank more, watched more Top Gear, watched the ball drop, kissed, watched something else (i'm forgetting, i had a few drinks!) and went to bed about 2. Next morning i made him what he called "the best French toast ever!" *grins* so that went well.

Hope everyone had a lovely New Year's Eve, Day, and weekend!


  1. The covers for Peter Hamilton's books always make me stop and take a second look. It sounds like these might be worth adding to the list to check out. To my knowledge (unless I've read a short story in some anthology), I have never read Hamilton's work.

    I do like when a series is completed so you don't have that whole 'waiting for the next book' issue.

  2. oh, and I love the graphic you put up for this post, it is fantastic.

  3. I like this series so far. B just handed me the third book today so i will try to start it in the next few weeks. I wish i had linked to the graphic before; it was a creative commons license off flickr. I think i searched for something like "spaceship planet" or "space planet rocket" to find it.


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