David Inside Out

I liked the second book i read for the YA Challenge much more than the first. David Inside Out, by Lee Bantle, is about a teenage boy discovering himself. He is a junior, 16, a scholarship student at a private school. He sort of has a girlfriend but has thoughts about one of the boys on his cross country team. His best friend comes out at school and, while nothing terrible happens, many of the students treat him badly and even David doesn't know how to act. When David gets an anonymous letter he begins to really look at how he feels and what he wants.

I both did and did not relate to David. My high school experience was so far from David's, even without the gay issue, that i couldn't see myself making some of the same choices. Other parts were very relatable: falling for someone, the first sexual experience, worrying about the future. It is a very fast read though, in my opinion too fast. i give this one a 5.


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