More Sandman

I read The Dream Hunters (Sandman Vol. 11) by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano. This was one of the books my darling (ha) B gave me for Christmas. It is a lovely fable. A fox and a badger make a bet to try to force a monk from his temple. Whoever wins gets to take the temple as their home. The monk is just as wise as the animals are crafty and figures out the various schemes. As the fox begins to know the monk she falls in love with him. When she overhears some demons discussing a plan to kill the monk through his dreams she acts to save him.

It isn't exactly a graphic novel. It is a heavily illustrated long short story. Amano doesn't do little illustrations. I imagine every panel to have been a huge wall hanging, brushwork on silk. They are all so lovely, especially the ones with the fox in girl form with the monk. Morpheus in his Japanese incarnation is very cool too. The demons look creepy and the evil witches scary. I give this a 6.

Ah yeah! Go Saints! On to the NFC Championship!


  1. Who Dat indeed :D How do I always lose you from my feed reader?! Seriously!! I didn't unsubscribe from your blog...weird. Anyway, I resubscribed so Yay! More Mel :D I'm so glad you enjoyed this one!!! It's one of my favs. I love Amano and I love Gaiman so this was a perfect combo for me. There's a new edition of this one too that P. Craig Russell illustrated. Haven't checked it out yet, but it's supposed to be pretty cool!

  2. glad you refound me! :)


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