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Last year i did a pretty good job of posting about the new movies i had seen but a poorer job of reviewing the older ones i watched. This year i think i will just try to do a monthly post of old movies, with just a rating and a few lines about what i did or didn't like. For my purposes, "old movies" are just anything i see on DVD, not at the theater. Also, i'm just doing movies i'm watching for the first time. Trust me, you don't want to see me remark that i watch, and love, The Matrix movies, LOTR, The Dark Knight, or Watchmen every single month.

To Have and Have Not- 5, sexier than i thought, with a fun happy ending. No one would make such a quiet movie now, it would be so actioned up i'd hate it. the first Bogie-Bacall.
The Red Shoes-2, Ugh! pretty ballet scenes but not for me. Female empowerment! No squealy "i'm crazy" scenes!
Rope- 5, tense Hitchcock, i can see Tarantino doing a remake with more likable murderers.
District 9- 6, damn good movie. crazy effects.
Romance and Cigarrettes- 2. umm, weird. very weird. a musical. sorta. everyone sings along with the music, like you do to music in the car. so i can't really tell if anyone in the movie can actually sing. Kate Winslet and her accent are hawt though.
39 Steps- a 4. short, early Hitchcock. it was only 80 minutes long but i still felt it was slow.
Trick 'r Treat- 5, creepy and fun. a series of 4 1/2 interlocking Halloween stories. I don't know why this didn't get a wide release. Anna Paquin looks cute as Red Riding Hood. Lil' Sam is scary.
Dark City- weird. kinda reminded me of the Matrix. 5.
UP- i watched this with Ben and i loved it! i cried through the little montage of Carl and Ellie's lives at the beginning of the movie. a 7.
The Day the Earth Stood Still- the old 50's version. pretty standard "don't blow up the world" stuff. 4.

That's it for now!


  1. Dark City is one of my favorite genre films. Made me a fan of Rufus Sewell, among other things. Actually got to see it in a theater in Boston while visiting a friend way back when it was released.

    Can't disagree with you about District 9! Great!

    And wasn't UP! just the sweetest? That opening montage is a real tear jerker.


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