Post 600!@!?


According to Blogger, this post makes 600 for me on this blog. i wasn't sure how i should mark the occasion. Should i just allow it to go by? just do a regular review of what ever book i finish, good or bad? Finangle so i review something i loved? Talk about a cause i care about? Beg for money for the arts?

The Haiti earthquake and Pat Robertson made my decision for me. I'm going to beg and rant.

First off, i always, always, have so much compassion for disaster victims. the 2006 Tsunami, Katrina, tornadoes, i feel so terrible for everyone. I donated to Partners in Health today but you can go to Doctors Without Borders or Oxfam or text "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5 on your next cell bill to Wyclef Jean's foundation Yele Haiti. If you can donate, do so.

Now, to the ridiculous comments of Pat Robertson. Beliefs like these are why i am so glad i don't believe in a god. Because if Pat Robertson's god is real, he's a petty, small minded creature.

Let's just go with Robertson's theory for a minute.

I'm a slave woman, dragged from my home in Africa to work in Haiti. I've been beaten, starved, raped, had my friends murdered and my children sold away from me. I get together with my friends and the Devil offers us a deal: our souls for our freedom and the freedom of our descendents. We take the deal; we overthrow our evil captors. so then god, who didn't do a damn thing to help us while we are enslaved, decides to kill off a bunch of our multiple-great grandchildren, as well as thousands of people who are not our descendants but just happen to be on the island at the time, because 200 years before we did what we could to save ourselves.

that's no god i want anything to do with.


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