The Savage

I'm really liking what I'm reading of David Almond. Yesterday i read The Savage by David Almond, illustrated by Dave McKean. It's a short little illustrated story full of anger and loss.

The story is very simple. Blue is a young boy who's father has just died. Blue has been going to a therapist who tells him to write down his feelings. He doesn't like that though; he begins writing a story about a savage boy who lives in the forest alone. The savage cannot speak, lives off scavenging tools and food. He kills people who threaten him. Blue puts his enemy, a bully from school named Hopper, into the story and the savage wants to kill him. The savage also learns of love as Blue writes of his little sister. Blue's story begins to bleed over into real life, which leads to a pretty amazing conclusion.

I liked this one but i feel it was too short! also, i got the feeling Blue was maybe 10-12 but his writing seemed much younger. I guess that's just my impression though. a 5 from me.

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